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Welcome to a brand-new chapter of lyrical lore, flamboyant characters, and plot twists that will leave listeners clutching their chests with glee. Welcome to a new era of The Gloom Cinematic Universe. Welcome to ‘Trinity’.

Out today via SharpTone Records, cinema-core masterminds The Gloom In The Corner have officially released their sophomore record, a thirteen-track epic narrative designed to impress with both its sonic prowess and storytelling ability.

Featuring previously released singles RoninFrom Heaven To HellNew Order, and Pandora’s Box, ‘Trinity’ completes the unnerving tale of three previously deceased characters’ bloody journey through the underworld, and draws on an impressive cast of guests (including members of Fit For A KingFit For An AutopsyCane HillCrystal LakeRed Handed DenialLeft To Suffer and more) to help bring the anti-heroes and their story to life.

On the overarching plot of the record, vocalist Mikey Arthur reveals: “The story of ‘Trinity’ follows three characters from our previous arc who have died and gone to our story’s Hell dimension; The Rabbit Hole. With the guidance of a shadowy and ominous figure known only as The Narrator, the Unholy Trinity begin a Dante-inspired journey deeper into the Rabbit Hole to recover three mythical objects that will help them return to the realm of the living, descending not only into the depths of Hell, but into the darkest corners of their characters.”

To celebrate the arrival of the new album, The Gloom In The Corner has also shared an exciting new live-action music video for Behemoth. An aggressive rap-metal infused track, the group continue to surprise with a stylistic switch-up as they dive into a high-intensity fight scene between the ruler of Hell and the central cast of the record.

Climbing the Tower of Babel, the Trinity meet the ruler of the Rabbit Hole, Asmodeus. Clara and Rachel think they’re being led to a trap, but Ethan assures them they’ll be fine. Alas, upon reaching Asmodeus, he tells them he’s lured them to him so that he can kill specifically the Rōnin himself. The Rōnin and Asmodeus launch into combat, and Clara and Rachel begin fighting Asmodeus’ minions. As the battle rages on, Asmodeus continues to arrogantly express victory, but Rōnin‘s rage gives him the upper hand, and Asmodeus begins to realize he’s losing an uphill battle. The Rōnin, fueled by the rage from having to deal with Clara and Rachel’s constant arguing, and dealing with grievances of his own, finishes off Asmodeus with barbaric cruelty, not quite killing the Demi-God, but incapacitating him enough to take his heart for the ritual, carving it out with the Hand of the King. The Narrator emerges, instructing them to begin the ritual now that they have The Hand of the King, Pandora‘s Box, and The Heart of the Devil. Rachel asks him if he will be joining them in coming back to Earth, and he tells them that he’s bound to the ethereal realms, and that once they are back on Earth, they’re on their own. A roar from an onslaught of Asmodeus’ forces comes from outside the Throne room, and the Trinity prepare for battle.

The Two Keepers reach the bottom of the Tower of Babel just as the ritual begins, watching the clouds swirl and lightning crack as the portal begins to open. The one with Green Eyes expresses they haven’t much time to stop them. The one with Grey Eyes oddly verbalizes that it’s ironic that they’re going to the highest floor to stop them from going to the realm of the living, but the other ignores him, and the Two begin the climb.

Watch and listen to Behemoth HERE


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