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Fresh from their Victorian holiday, The Unknowns are stoked to announce their forthcoming album, ‘East Coast Low’, set for release on March 10 via Bargain Bin. With the news comes their new riffing beast of a single, Shot Down.

A quick injection of garage punk that rips through your speakers in just two and a half minutes, Shot Down really outdoes itself with not one but two guitar solos courtesy of axe slingers Joshua Hardy and Eamon Sandwith, as the former pleads his case for a ‘shot’ at love with a sense of desperation reverberating through the track.

Driven by their passion for timeless music expressing honest emotions, The Unknowns deliver an unassuming simplicity to sharing their truth through bursts of garage rock with power pop sensibilities. Their new album, ‘East Coast Low’, is a compilation of songs written by all members – Joshua Hardy (vocals/guitars), Nathan Montgomery (bass), Tom Butler (Drums) and Eamon Sandwith (guitars). Recorded in a week, the songs have a romantic overture that sees Hardy pour his heart out over a bed of nostalgic riffs and unforgettable hooks that would make The Ramones bloody proud.

Hailing from Brissy, The Unknowns have been kicking about since late-2014. The band recently expanded into a four-piece when they welcomed The Chats frontman Eamon Sandwith to the fold (Hardy is also a member of The Chats).

On the stage, The Unknowns perform with the kind of freedom and vigor that gets feet moving and has seen them tour across Australia with Melbourne punk pioneers The Meanies, Ed Kuepper (The Saints), Frenzal RhombThe ChatsClownsPist Idiots and stacks more.


Out March 10 via Bargain Bin Records

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