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Two Times Shy, the dynamic pop-punk Meanjin/Brisbane outfit, have dropped their latest pop-punk belter, Wits End. Building on the success of their debut EP, ‘It Looks Better Than It Sounds’, and their electrifying single Gone from July, Two Times Shy continues to deliver with their signature sound, polished production and heart-pounding energy.

Fresh off the release of Gone in July, which earned them acclaim from esteemed platforms like Triple J Unearthed TOPS, Triple JHysteriaApple Music playlists, MilkyIdobi Radio in the US, and more, Two Times Shy are arguably Brisbane’s most active pop-punk outfit.

Their new single Wits End opens with an explosive burst of over-driven punk energy and volatility, catapulting listeners into the heart of the band’s highly polished pop-punk universe. The track swiftly evolves into an infectious chorus led by the flawless vocal delivery of Douglas Hudswell. A wall of guitars propels the second verse into double time, igniting an electric riff that intensifies the song’s energy and passion. Seamlessly, this dynamic interplay weaves throughout the song, creating an evolving pop-punk belter that is heartfelt, passionate, and sincere.

Lying beneath it all, Wits End delves into the depths of feeling trapped in life, the uncertainty of one’s path, and the sensation of hitting rock bottom. Hudswell states: “It’s an emotional journey, a reflection of those moments when you watch your life unravel, and everyone else seems to be moving forward while you’re stuck searching for answers.”

This spirited pop-punk anthem encapsulates the raw emotion and intensity of being at your Wits End and mirrors the turbulent waves of life’s challenges and uncertainties, resonating with anyone who has felt lost or adrift.

If you feel like you have had enough, join Two Times Shy with their single Wits End now and shake it off with this explosive and heartfelt pop-punk experience.


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