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Eora/Sydney-based pop-punk band Dial Denial have unveiled their propulsive single Paperwings – produced by ARIA Award Nominated producer Stevie Knight (Stand AtlanticYours TrulyShort Stack) and mastered by Grant Berry.

Paperwings beckons with a sense of anticipation, as ambient guitars gently open before swiftly igniting into a frenzy of high-octane, rapid drums, guided by the husky and emotive vocals of frontman Fergus Harley-MacDonald. The anthemic guitar melody takes unbridled limelight in the chorus, intricately moving with passion underneath the dynamic instrumentation. The bridge slowly intensifies and grasps onto tension, before unleashing into a rising final chorus that propels into a thunderous finale.

Dial Denial talks about the inspiration behind Paperwings: “Paperwings is an amalgam of everything I fear as I start to become an adult. I was afraid of a bunch of very small things that stacked up to create complete mental claustrophobia. Moving from home, losing self worth, change, losing my relationship, losing my friends, all that good stuff. The songs about exhaustion from bending yourself to other peoples will, and saying ‘Fuck that! I worked hard to become who I am and I like who I am’. The chorus is coated with a thick lining of irony, directly pointing the finger at people who play the victim. Everyone goes through tough times, and it’s what makes us who we are. Don’t change who you are for others, change yourself for the better.”

In the live arena, the band have shared the stage with SwitchfootHockey DadThe RionsBUGS and are set to support Drastic Park with Down And Out on their upcoming tour.

Previous singles have also seen support from triple jtriple j Unearthedidobi Howl (USA), idobi Anthm (USA), FBi Radio4ZZZ and other Australian radio stations. In the blogsphere, the band have seen love from MILKYMusic FeedsGood Call LivePunktuationAustralian Music SceneFuturemag Music and MTV Upload.


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