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Today, Western Australian singer-songwriter Paige Valentine shares her stunning debut album ‘Lucky Blue’, a collection of 10 tracks that trace a sonic line between the music she made in the city, and the music created after her move to remote WA, to a town of 40 people, surrounded by unexplored wilderness and perched on the edge of the world.

It is an album layered with notes of revolution and rebuilding, with Paige’s drive to thrive amidst adversity, and her search for power within solitude.

‘Lucky Blue’ is both a personal and sonic transformation – traversing Paige’s letting go of stability and comfort, of rebuilding and reshaping her life, and of remembering the lightness of living. The journey to ‘Lucky Blue’ not only helped Paige find herself as an artist, but as a person too. All of it started at a studio with a little blue door that had a horseshoe hanging above it.

Thematically, Paige’s music arches across age-old artistic fascinations; love, death, growth, a loss of innocence, the stark face of grief. From her celebration of a remarkable life lived on lead single Cloud Dancing, to her reflection on loving without considering the consequences on Navigate, the Bonnie and Clyde-esque renegade lovers of Retrograde, her fight to take back control of her life on Horoscopes, or the magic of harnessing a free-spirited energy and dropping your insecurities on new single High – every sonic moment on ‘Lucky Blue’ feels as personal as reading a page out of Paige’s diary, and as close and comforting as a secret whispered between friends, yet also deeply, soothingly relatable.

It’s a testament to her ability to encapsulate a moment, a feeling, and a story within a delicate, heavenly arrangement, cutting straight to the heart of matters with devastating concision.

Of her debut album ‘Lucky Blue’, Paige Valentine says, “I thought I would dread having such personal songs out in the world, but I feel thrilled to have the tapestry of the last few years sonically woven together like it has. Between my time in Fremantle and time in the country so much has happened personally and globally. The most important thing for the record was for the landscapes to be the star, the focus. And I can close my eyes and picture the land or where I wrote
it because of the music. I hope I’ve captured the beauty of it and a small chapter of my life and its changes. It’s been the most powerful time of my life. I hope the songs make people feel spirited, understood, and free.”

Paige’s debut album ‘Lucky Blue’ is nothing short of a triumph. It is thematically broad, representative of Paige’s massive growth as an artist and a human over the last few years and is a patchwork of reckonings and a triumph of personal growth.


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