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Since their inception, West Thebarton have been a band whose appeal is woven tightly through inescapable riffs and rhythms, an unmistakable charisma and, most importantly, an innate blend of lyrical realism and confidence.

The advantage of cutting your teeth as musicians in a tighter community, such as South Australia’s capital, meant that by the time the initial iteration of West Thebarton joined forces, they’d all had years of experience behind them in other creative projects – earning the respect and early investment from local crowds and industry alike. By the time their then self-titled debut EP, ‘West Thebarton Brothel Party’, arrived in 2015, the group had already established a solid foundation as one of Adelaide’s most exciting new rock bands.

It wouldn’t be long before the notoriety of the seven-piece would go national: extensive support from radio and music media ensured West Thebarton remained on the radars of a growing Australian fanbase, while impressive appearances at an industry-facing level, such as BIGSOUND, earned the group management and record deals out of the gate.

The years between ‘West Thebarton Brothel Party’ and their 2018 debut studio album, ‘Different Beings Being Different’, saw a marked evolution within the band. Line up and name changes brought the group into a new era, one that West Thebarton have continued to flourish within since.

This brings us to 2023, and the latest chapter of West Thebarton’s story. Since everyone last saw the band, much has changed. There have been personal life changes: parenthood, love, loss, moves interstate, moves overseas. Not to mention the swift upheaval of life’s normalcy in general, across the last three years.

Though life has been coming at everyone fast, the music West Thebarton have created throughout it all has become the band’s most concise and realised work to date. Their second album, ‘MONGREL AUSTRALIA’, is West Thebarton at a particularly high creative peak; focus is set on what lay ahead, instead of dwelling in the past.

Fans were given an early taste in George Michael; a stunning track that represents the album’s boldness in sound and texture. Throughout ‘MONGREL AUSTRALIA’, West Thebarton show that they’re not afraid of switching things up; leaning into vulnerability in the same way they fire on all cylinders thanks to the lure of fiery, raw rock moments. The elevation of the band is evident right throughout the record, and definitive of the group’s rejuvenated sense of musical identity and clarity.

That a love song like Slow can exist alongside a riff-heavy story of grief like Neck Pains; in the same pipelines as songs of reflection (Humble Heart), frustration and dissatisfaction (Victory Lap), is a testament to the maturity and elevation of West Thebarton’s songwriting in the interim of 2018 and now.

Ray Dalfsen’s lyricism, self-aware and bold, hasn’t lost the fury of his earlier work. Dalfsen writes from new perspectives – wisened without having lost the wryness that made him such a drawcard, both as a songwriter and frontman, when West Thebarton first broke out. The grit is still there, just delivered through a new lens.

The dynamic of West Thebarton as a unit is also what gives ‘MONGREL AUSTRALIA’ its grounding and its heart. Each band member thrives in a way that can only come via trust in one another; each part contributes to a striking final result. Nick Horvat and Caitlin Thomas, an irrepressible rhythm section, complemented by the sometimes-mammoth wall of guitars, helmed by the distinct playing styles of, Josh HealeyTom GordonBrian Bolado and Josh Battersby.

The combination of personalities and separate artistic influences come together here to create a sound that eschews the classic “pub rock” label that was applied to their earlier work, bringing West Thebarton into a vibrant and exciting new phase.

‘MONGREL AUSTRALIA’ has been a long time in the making for West Thebarton but now that they’re here, the outlook has never been brighter for one of Adelaide’s most engaging rock outfits. As Dalfsen fittingly wails at the end of George Michael: the view’s amazing.

West Thebarton
‘Mongrel Australia’ Album Tour
w/ Special Guests OK Hotel

Tix on sale now from

FRI 21 JUN | The Governor Hindmarsh, Adelaide SA
SAT 22 JUN | The Tote, Melbourne VIC
FRI 28 JUN | Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD
SAT 29 JUN | Crowbar, Sydney NSW

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