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Wolf & Chain, the Adelaide-based alt-rock outfit known for their unique brand of dark, aggressive pop and chaotic anthems, return with a goosebump-inducing single, Phantom  (Out August 4).

Following the success of their EPs ‘An Honest Mistake’ and ‘Amor Mortal’, Wolf & Chain are back with a refined mindset and a freshly sharpened sound. Phantom marks a new era for the band, showcasing their growth by weaving in a matured and accessible sound that delves into unexplored territories within their musical repertoire.

Drawing inspiration from a transformative experience, Phantom was born out of the band’s time at a secluded farm, where they retreated to record demos and immerse themselves in the creative process. During their stay, the band members fell ill and encountered a dark, looming presence that influenced their songwriting. The result is a haunting and powerful track that documents their journey of self-discovery, defying the challenges they have each faced.

Stepping into this new chapter, Wolf & Chain‘s commitment to experimentation is evident throughout this blood pumping single. The song’s intricate layers and arrangements have the band blending their alt rock characteristics with a fresh pop sensibility.

Each element serves a purpose, from the pulsating palm-muted guitars that punctuate the verses with the thumping bass kick and electronic snare that drive the rhythm forward. The chorus unleashes a wall of guitars, perfectly complementing the cathartic vocal delivery of lead singer Jack Cumes. The bridge erupts in a signature Wolf & Chain style before they pull the cord to a steadfast palm-muted guitar and kick drum. With a massive full-band crescendo, the band see the song out with a vindicating final chorus.

Collaborating with Josh Meyer of Those Who Dream played a significant role in the creation of Phantom, offering the band a fresh perspective and pushing their boundaries. The track represents a pivotal moment for Wolf & Chain as they emerge from the shadows and embrace this new direction.

Since their inception in 2020, Wolf & Chain have been building a dedicated following, gaining recognition from renowned music publications and radio stations, including Rolling Stone AU, Don’t Bore Us, Wall Of Sound, Triple J, Triple J Unearthed and much more. They have toured extensively and have shared stages with notable acts such as Black Veil Brides, Creeper, and Between You & Me.

Relish in Wolf & Chain’s newfound pop sensibility with Phantom on all major streaming platforms (Friday, August 4).


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