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More outlier pop from explorative Brisbane teen Arthington Stack as he issues Golden Orbe, out now on Endless Recordings.

On Golden Orbe Arthington Stack offers listeners combative challenge and classic pop intellect in equal measure. An idiosyncratic outsider, Stack subverts trope by engaging with tinkered lo-fi, adding odd layers to the pop gem that lies beneath. Effected vocals and boom box drums bring the medicated edge, while Stack’s pop skyhook searches to latch the earholes.

The new single follows Stack’s recent Morris End and previews further the debut album ‘His Sterrible Ark’ due on Endless Recordings later this year. Belying a tender age, Stack offers a multi layered world of sound that can be picked for focus on its sum parts or indulged whole as an often-glorious cacophony. Sans the hyperbole, Stack is offering different.

Golden Orbe is presented with an accompanying video produced by Stack, who adds that Golden Orbe, “dawdles between her neighbours on the (upcoming) LP. We love her, but she’s a gossamer farce.

Arthington Stack supports Jack Ladder at The Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane on August 11th

Arthington StackGolden Orbe is out now on Endless Recordings – LISTEN HERE



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