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Brisbane prog-metal rising stars Citadel just dropped their virtuosic debut album ‘Decompose’. Featuring overarching heavy, technical metalcore influences punctuated with soaring anthemic hooks, evocative vocals and euphoric synths, ‘Decompose’ is a beautifully crafted piece that is addictive and will keep you coming back for more.

Frontman Russell Miller speaks: “Decompose is an album inspired by heartbreak & death, themed around “the end.” It wrestles with themes of grief, regret, and pain and explores the depths of those emotions across the tracks. When writing these songs we were inspired to take what might have been traditional Metalcore, and give it an extra level of thoughtfulness. We wanted every new moment to stand on its own, but to also be an integral part of what was happening with each song. Sonically we’ve aimed to create a body of work that sways between delicate & crushing, bringing huge dynamics that tell part of the story on their own.”

Written and recorded with the esteemed producer Gareth Hargreaves (Polaris, Young Lions, The Brave), the quintet blends djent, metalcore and hard rock influences with an affinity for high quality production. ‘Decompose’ is a testament to the band’s versatile musicianship, and their ability to appeal to wide audiences has already enabled them to take their platform to new heights.

Though new to the scene, Citadel has performed alongside Voyager,  Redhook, The Dead Love, Mass Sky Raid, The Stranger and have been featured on Triple J, Maniacs, Wall of Sound, The AU Review, Music Feeds, AAA Backstage, Spotify “Homegrown & Heavy” editorial playlist and more. With a plethora of shows ahead of them, Citadel are one of the hardest working heavy acts in the Australian Music Scene and are paving way for a bright future ahead of them.

‘Decompose’ IS OUT NOW


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