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Naarm/Melbourne-based indie-rock trio The Great Emu War Casualties have just revealed their radiant new EP ‘Quiet Bat People’.

‘Quiet Bat People’ is seven tracks of appetising and diverse music, delving into the depths of originality and unity. Each song is lined with alchemical intricacies, spotlighting the group’s comprehensive understanding of theory and performance. Featuring previous releases Modern Indie Spacecats, Pro-fascist Aristocrat and (Closed Until Further Notice), along with recent single Bacon Rampage!, the EP flourishes with its whimsical and effervescent traits, affirming the band’s devotion to the realm of indie rock.

The Great Emu War Casualties talk about the process behind ‘Quiet Bat People’: “‘Quiet Bat People’ was recorded across time and space, partially in a shack in the woods in between lockdowns before it burned down, partially in our apartment before we were evicted during the great “return to normal”, and partially in a fancy studio in Melbourne called ‘Sing Sing’ which we could never afford by ourselves (thanks Fender). It’s a fractured record for a fractured time but we think it’s kind of a nice representation of the band.”

Over the past few years, The Great Emu War Casualties have implanted themselves in the Australian indie scene with their peculiar style of expressive art rock. Taking cues from the likes of Vampire Weekend and Everything Everything, the group thrives on their impulsive creative eccentricity to craft the blueprint behind their idiosyncratic songs, while their lyrics are laced with observant comments on political and socio-economic matters.

Throughout their career, the band have seen support from the likes of triple jtriple j UnearthedFBi Radio2SER3RRRSYN FM4ZZZ and Radio Adelaide. They have also received praise from online tastemakers PileratsLife Without AndyBeat MagazineThe AU ReviewBackseat MafiaAAA Backstage and Tone Deaf.

‘Quiet Bat People’ is released TODAY (Friday November 4) – STREAM HERE

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