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Internationally acclaimed heavy rock / metal band Dream On Dreamer are set to shake the music industry with their highly anticipated comeback single, Surrender, out today.

Following an unforgettable hiatus, the Australian powerhouse returns not only with new music, but also a national tour. The recently announced reunion will see the band perform a selection of tracks from their sophomore album ‘Loveless’, celebrating its 10th anniversary, amongst career-spanning fan favourites to ecstatic audiences in Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Sydney.

Surrender is accompanied by an electrifying music video directed by Third Eye Visuals. The clip showcases the band’s raw energy and signature sound, taking viewers on an intense visual journey that perfectly complements the track’s captivating lyrics and fierce instrumentation.

During the course of the pandemic, Dream On Dreamer embarked on a soul-searching musical journey, penning 23 demos that explored the depths of their creative prowess. Among these gems, Surrender emerged as the standout track, embodying the band’s resilience and unwavering dedication to their craft. With its powerful melodies, thunderous guitar riffs, and explosive drum beats, the song is a testament to the band’s unyielding passion for heavy rock music.

Surrender embraces profound themes of hope and perseverance, serving as a sonic beacon of inspiration for listeners. The poignant lyrics resonate deeply, encouraging audiences to never give up, even when faced with life’s most daunting challenges. Dream On Dreamer‘s unique ability to intertwine heartfelt emotion with raw, unadulterated power ensures that Surrender will be an anthem for anyone seeking strength and motivation.

Dream On Dreamer‘s return marks a thrilling new chapter in their illustrious career, promising an evolution of their signature sound while staying true to their roots. As the band emerges from retirement, fans and critics alike eagerly await what promises to be an extraordinary musical journey filled with surprises, passion, and unrelenting energy.

w/ support from Alt., Wayside + Inertia

Tickets from

Friday 11th August – Max Watts, Melbourne VIC
Saturday 12th August – Uni Bar, Adelaide SA
Friday 25th August – The Triffid, Brisbane QLD
Saturday 26th August – Crowbar, Sydney NSW


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