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Greyscale Records, in partnership with 1126 Records (US), welcome the latest addition to their family with Melbourne metal outfit, HEAVENSGATE. The quintet make their presence known with the launch of their crushingly visceral debut single, Chemical Heaven.

The band are a fresh force to be reckoned with, forming in collaboration with fellow artist and label-mate, Joshua Ang (Pincer+) who co-wrote and assisted in production on the band’s debut. Chemical Heaven also credits metal monsters Erik Bickerstaffe (Loathe) for drum production as well as Buster Odeholm of Odeholm Audio (Humanity’s Last Breath, Vildhjarta, Sworn In) on the mix and master.

Chemical Heaven is an extremely personal song for the band and paints a sonic picture of the emotions experienced while caring for a loved one as they traverse the many difficult stages of physical and mental trauma, as well as the healing process after sexual assault. 

Vocalist Nazareth Tharratt explains that, “The song itself does not lean towards taking a stab at perpetrators of violent crimes, but rather shines light on the after effect that takes place in the life of victims, in themes such as self-medicating, grief, loss of identity and the ripple effect that carries on after a loved one suffers through abuse.”

Chemical Heaven is an emotive offering in both lyrical content and musicality. Contrasting between distorted low tuned guitars and an eerie ambience, HEAVENSGATE demonstrate a push and pull that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish. 

The video for Chemical Heaven was directed, shot and edited by Oliver Clark of DUNELABS (Pincer+, Elision) with additional videography by Jack Fontes. With the use of low frame rates, practical effects and make up, the video compliments the bands chaos and aesthetic.

For a debut release, Chemical Heaven is a confronting piece of art, showcasing the bands emotional intensity, promising to make a long lasting impression on those who accept the invite. HEAVENSGATE will shed more music before the year is up.

Chemical Heaven is now available on all platforms via Greyscale Records and 1126 Records

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