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Eora/Sydney-based artist KHAOS EMRLD has just unveiled their third release of the year – an uplifting, synth-laden single titled myself again – co-produced by the artist himself and Lachlan Cronin (Closure).

Brimming with luscious chords and charging drums, soaked in a reverberated soundscape, ‘myself again’ shows KHAOS EMRLD yet again expanding on their laurels. Arguably their most pop-release to date, the song maintains the key fundamentals of the artist’s approach to music – unpredictability and excitement. After establishing a retro environment, the song launches into a full-scale punk finale, driven by an eclectic mix of distorted guitars, square leads, and KHAOS EMRLD’s distinctive voice.

KHAOS EMRLD explains the message behind myself again: “The song explores self-identity and self-love, all while staying true to the elements of music I wanted to showcase. I wrote this when I was coming to terms with my sexuality and personality type, and while the world and my life has changed almost unrecognisably since then, I’m still finding ways to remind myself who I truly am, and the potential for who I could be. People change, circumstances change, life is often a silly mess, but there are rare, beautiful moments in life where you’ll realise ‘this, this feels like me.’ Savour those moments.”

To support the release, KHAOS EMRLD will be supporting Paces at Oxford Art Gallery Bar on November 18. They will also be appearing at the inaugural Transgenre Festival at Red Rattler on December 17, alongside the likes of Cry Club, Those Who Dream, FVNERAL, Wolfjay and many more.

In the live arena, KHAOS EMRLD has performed at events such as BONEZ Alternative Queer Party and Bubblegum Club, sharing the stage with artists such as Holliday Howe and Mphilly. Earlier in 2023, they sold out their debut single launch upstairs at The Lord Gladstone.

KHAOS EMRLD’s previous releases have received praise from the likes of triple j Unearthed, MTV Upload, Apple Music, FBi Radio, JOY Media, SYN Media, Backseat Mafia, AAA Backstage, Australian Music Scene, Something You Said and The Underground Stage.

KHAOS EMRLD is the artist project from Eora/Sydney-based artist Cody Stebbings. Well-known for being the singer, guitarist and primary songwriter for Down For Tomorrow, his multi-instrumentalist talents have seen him work with the likes of Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly and PENI PARKER. His previous projects have been widely embraced by Spotify, Apple Music, triple j, NME, Pilerats, ABC’s rage and Rock Sound (UK).

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