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Words by Emily Hollitt {Emily Hollitt Content Writer{Malina Claire}

Super Ghost have only been on the scene for a short while, releasing their debut single Vertex about this time last year, but have already left quite the impression. With a solid few singles and a whole EP under their belt, the Brissy supergroup have returned with a new banger to knock your socks off yet again. The Falling Downs is an expertly crafted mix of math rock and indie, taking the sound you know and love them for and turning it completely on its head.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been absolutely LOVING the track. The more I listened, the more I wanted to know about the group and how they work. Luckily, they had a few moments to spare…

You’ve just released your latest single The Falling Downs. Can you take us through what it’s about?

The Falling Downs is a vague term that we are using to describe events in our life where we find ourselves in disagreement with someone else and can’t resolve it. When those things become built up and you’re filled with resent, you can’t come to communicate rationally. That sort of state is The Falling Downs.

I really love the way you put this track together in terms of structure and production. How do you guys approach writing and producing music? Do you usually write together? Or do you find each member has their own ‘writing role’?

Our writing varies from song to song, but with this song Hudson had some initial parts and ideas, which Alex then explored further. Alex ended up writing drum and bass guitar parts before we took the song to Nate and we thought that was it. But we went back and rewrote a big part of the song as the three of us before it became The Falling Downs. When we met to work with Jordan Bain at Plutonium Studios, he gave some producer insight into some structure changes. It felt like such a natural writing process!

What’s the story behind your band’s name?

Well, this one is actually a funny one. This one started with one of us getting ghosted by a lady, but it was a very sudden ghosting which we called a ‘Super Ghost’…

What would you consider the best album ever made?

This is a polarising one; Hudson would say Grace by Jeff Buckley, Alex and Nate would probably fight each other to the death making a choice. More related to our genre would be the ‘Younger Years’ EP by Delta Sleep. Those guys are amazing!

You guys have been playing a whole bunch of local shows. Which show has been your favourite to date?

We have had lots of really fun ones and lots of not so fun ones. We would have to say our favourite show was the show a few months ago with Choosing Sides at The Zoo!

 Speaking of playing local, who are some of your favourite local bands?

With so many awesome bands getting around Brisbane right now it’s so hard to whittle down our selection to just a couple. We Build Spaceships are awesome, as is Bean Magazine and the Sectionals. There are so many little alternative scenes that are building back up since the start of the pandemic and we excited to watch them flourish!

If you could play alongside any band or artist, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?

This is a tough one, we so we decided to choose one dead and one alive. To be on a bill with Jeff Buckley would surely be a top contender. His music was very driving for our musical development. Faker would have to be our alive candidate, they put on such an amazing show, and we are so happy to see them back in action.

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing emerging artists today?

We feel the biggest challenge for emerging artists now days is getting the education and experience necessary to bring their musical ideas to life. As we continually are presented with more ways of connecting online, the skills needed to get your songs heard and gigs secured become so much more nuanced. This is on top of all of the other skills that go into artist development and improving your skills on your instrument!

Going on from this, if you could give one piece of advice to someone wanting to start their own band, what would you say?

Make sure you’re having fun, because if you’re not having fun then you’re doing it wrong. You’re going to have ups and downs, but if the band shares the same goals and you continue to improve your art, hopefully you can find fulfillment in making music and some awesome memories.

And finally, what can we expect next from Super Ghost?

There is a lot of awesome things coming up for Super Ghost. Sydney should keep up to date with our socials and some other Australian cities should keep posted next year. We have started working on some new music already and hope that it really blows you out of the water.

The Falling Downs is available now on all streaming platforms.

Listen HERE


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