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Today, celebrated producer, vocalist and DJ Mike Skinner releases his highly anticipated new album ‘The Darker the Shadow the Brighter the Light’. Skinner has just finished touring UK Everyman Cinemas with his self-directed debut feature film of the same name.

Across the 15 tracks of ‘The Darker the Shadow the Brighter the Light’, Mike Skinner presents a classic Streets album, one that is inextricably linked to the dancefloor, with tidal waves of bass, garage and house laced in, an experience akin to stumbling through different rooms of the club.  Skinner, as always, is the keen eye tying his disparate world together, shining with his customary lyrical wizardry and eclectic production.

Too Much Yayo opens ‘The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light’ with subtle two-step rhythms that cascade into rampant four to the floor bass, setting the pace with its lyrical bird’s eye view of chaos in the club, the type of chaos that might send some of us, especially Skinner, on an adventure. Walk Of Shame shines with melancholic acoustic guitar riffs as he utters one of the album’s essential epitaphs: “The walk of shame is my daily commute”. Elsewhere, Shake Hands with Shadows slowly morphs from hopeful piano keys and bass drums to an airy finish as Skinner’s stream of consciousness runs wild, with lines as poignant as “You make plans with morons, you’re powerless to misfortune.”  This commitment to calamity is both the album and film’s beating heart, while the title track transports you to the decadence of the Roaring 20’s with its dusty, swing motif, a quaint detour from the sliding club music that dominates the sounds.  By album closer Good Old Days, the metaphorical party is over, with sunlight creeping into the sky as Skinner takes stock of yet another wild adventure, destined to repeat the madness that has formed his life.

‘The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light’ film is a tripped-out noir murder mystery based in London’s’ clubland. Skinner has written, directed, shot, edited, scored, funded, and even created his own special effects on the film, shooting at a number of different locations in 2022 across the UK.  The songs on the album soundtrack the film and also play the role of narrator of the film at times – and whilst neither the album or film exist without each other – both can be enjoyed separately.

Through sheer will, Skinner has realised his ambition for ‘The Darker The Shadow The Brighter The Light’, taking what was a finished album and breathing an entire film into it. For one of the  UK’s most legendary and  consistent voices of the 21st century, a new creative level has been reached, on his own terms.

The album is being supported by a full, headline The Streets tour across the United Kingdom, commencing in late October, with support from Hack Baker, Joy Anonymous and Master Peace. For all touring information, please visit:


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